There we stand finally, in the last row of the final cut. For the gods shall bring us back what once was ours. Not for too long either, I like to call it love although, a scence of what has happened in the early days before we were wise and stupid. Stupidity is the best gift someone can have, sincerely, stupidity makes you leave blind, indeed, happiness surrounds fools.

The smart people, well they can be smart but when you know too much you’ll just see the negative points of each trace of dust in the corner of deine room. What’s in your room?; Widgets, Posters and blue tunes?, frowned faces upside down?.

Not everyone goes to heaven, in fact, not everyone believes in the gods above who we usually call for hands to lean on. It’s like if we were automatically programmed to obey their law, a law that of course helps us to be a better kind of person altogether but how shall our efforts be rewarded?, They envy us for our greed and just give us love. But I don’t even have any love currently, They tell me they love me, for sure… I can hear it but it isn’t physic, It’s just a bunch of rotten words falling from their mouth directly upon the cosmo of my thoughts.

Hello there, I’ve been waiting for someone like you for far too long, so how do you negotiate my feelings and pride?, How do you beat the cheating code of my electronic heart?. I hope you make it and pass through me as the bullets of a shotgun would for sure do well. Talking about rooms I had the hallucination of people laughing at me outside my bedroom’s door. They were laughing at me for my new found faith, my new everything, my new half, my new you.

How long shall we wait until we can escape with our souls away, despise everyone that surrounds us and just be you and me, you and your eyes that got me floating around in eternal hibernation, it’s been far too long I should repeat, far too long there was anything related and had this bunch of similarities and amazing thoughts that carry through. You carry through. You, My new faith.

Reading between the lines of this letter for you, makes me have goosebumps on the top and below my skin. It’s a rare feeling, the rarest I’ve got but darling, you’re one of a kind and one for my eye. Just like my LadyBlue write;

Do you still remember me?
Are you thinking of me now?
And if so why wont you show yourself?

ఐ లవ్ యు లోర్రినే.