I don’t really know how to explain this whole problematique but these guys I was playing with sold most of my songs. To begin the post, guys, you’re a real bunch of cowards and liars. You are trying to sell these songs and save them all under your name and trying to get it famous  with lame and low attempts only so I get screwed and have to lose everything away whilst you make money yourselves.

But I’m sorry to tell you, I’ll never touch a guitar nor a microphone, not if I had a gun in my head, not for ANY reason, only then you’ll never be able to overtake my works.

I dislike you and more or less always will, you’re truly backstabbers. I really hope you lose your money, your career, your possessions and more.

As for the few that got hooked: Since you believe too much in the lies those guys are spreading, I will quit making music, even though I like to express myself and I don’t really know what problem you have with me. Only 2-3 people are believing and trusting me, you don’t know me at all and you have no idea to hold a grudge.

So, worst luck possible to these bandmates and pseudo “friends”, doesn’t serve you right to call you friends, as your ethics level is far below a normal middle-class person would have. And nice work at faking the release dates of the songs, you did it pretty good, I don’t know what you’ll do after you can’t steal my work. Goodbye, I’ll also stop sharing stuff in this Blog.

And sure I’m a chicken FOR ALL I CARE, It was just the same the first time I made a myspace music profile only it wasn’t you who tried to steal my stuff from me, it was other people just that they were not as low as you got to be.
So spare me your lies and stand for your honorable work and grow some balls

To clarify to those who can’t read:
The entry is not to scare someone.
The entry is not an attention post.
And no, you’ll never walk down the hit parade.


My Last Song: