i arrive and i see you, yet you’re wearing in your forehead a
“don’t disturb please” sign. hoping for you to greet me i start to feel the numbness
of this agony so intense to feel and suddenly you come in the same moment
you were never coming. calm shoots over me like a
cannonball and here you are.
this dream has no start and no ending, it all starts in-between, in my bed or in yours.
middle-closed eyes glanzing at each other, can’t help but smile at your i love you smile,
it stirs me up every morning, imagining you beneath the sheets always laying next to me.

nevertheless a dream, not meant to be for both of us
only inside our minds and mine is not to bear imagination’s pain of
not having you an inch away from me.
disrupt the silence and try to conceive the truth, i was never good enough
or at least an inch away above average.
i’ve become the character in your favorite marionette’s show no one loves,
the one you see the lips moving, the fake or the revealed.

why do you never look around for me?
and why did you leave this time?

for sure i cannot dare to imagine the day i’ll be walking alone, when tanya, mariela &
fabricio become my only friends. i cannot dare to meet myself, being me is my disfortune.
you came back the exact moment you left and the problem is you’re so unstable and
bipolar that i’m never getting rid of paranoia.

dear lady of brown,
who will you love tomorrow?.