The phone buzzes next to me
Trying to force out words you
Won’t tell to me in person
Always leaving them unspoken

Offering explanations for words
That cut bone and scar tissue
Creating new and open wounds
Pouring salt into them simultaneously

Tears pour down my face as
I consider all the possibilities
For what could have been
And what should have been

But instead you’re leaving texts
Saying you’re sorry for those words
You left branded on my heart
The scars that won’t heal

Don’t offer me petty explanations
It’s too late to apologize
I can’t forgive you now and
Surely I won’t be able to forget

Pleading for me to accept the remorse
While at the same time screaming
You don’t have to justify yourself
Or what you did to me

I can see it in your eyes
Even though we’re miles apart
You’re not sorry
For the things you’ve done

If you won’t justify what you’ve done
Then I can’t accept empty words
The ones that will always mean less than
Everything you told me before

How much you loved me and
Telling me you’d never leave me
Promising me you’d never hurt me
Arguing that you could never feed me lies

Every promise you broke
With just those few paragraphs
Within the span of two hours
You made it too hard for me to forgive

You’re not sorry for anything
Not even all the damage you caused
Stop trying to tell me you are
And get out of my head