Despite the way i feel tonight, i wish you wouldnt let me go and i know youre not even here, but whos to say youre the only one not here…. You know I care too much when you leave me without a word, for days, I feel im going down, my inner self is sucking me inside out, slowly fading nowhere.
I could easily throw everything away in small parts, I could easily get high with my friends and leave you alone, but this time I don’t want to, I shouldn’t let you go, even if youre far away from home, I wondered if someone else was loving you the times I wasn’t there, you don’t care and youll just come back home saying sorry, and I will tell you that everything’s okay because I don’t have the guts to break this apart…. I love you too much to let you go, but where the fuck do you go?
I just wander around places in my hometown where the marine breeze comes from space racing beside my face, rapidly flying away to the mountainous clouds. Find where you belong and come to take control, show it a little slow and be more than you are. Youre never where your heart is, you don’t show your soul, you never feel that youre all.
I cant see myself growing older without you, in fact, I don’t even notice im so much taller now… I want to find something I can be part of with you, even cross the border via the river, that’s how we’ll learn who we really are together, and youd be finally where you belong, taking the control.

I wish youd stop to think and start to feel so then you hear me out, feel between the lines so you can see who I am inside… take my hand… lets go for a swim in that river….

If it doesn’t work, leave me with a kiss, at least you’ll know who you are.