Green eye tide reflects the sand in the sky, bouncing across the lonely world we call our home. Small waves of your smell linger my ears and it’s not about the last time you were here. I’ve been thinking of how the world loses its touch when you’re not around, it feels cold even if we’re under 40 degrees on summer time, it’s so reckless, makes me feel it’s winter.

Your phrases rewind back in my mind and I’m just sitting with my palm giving support to these heavy thoughts that turn my head into a weight I can barely drag along with my body. I got used to your presence and getting unused it’s hard.
I just wish you were here saying nothing at all, letting the song fade out with your eyes closed until a new one arrives or we can just skip it if for the emotions it ruins.

You’re here and then I know there are words for everything except for this or probably my lack of language doesn’t allow me to fully explain how I feel about these images of you and me, laying on the floor of that room with square pattern sheets, making your knees tickle, pretending I passed out and then laughing because you thought I was serious and at the end of that we would just stop laughing and looking at each others eyes, saying I love you, like if you were to die of Cancer tomorrow and it was the last time I ever saw you.

Still, the sun shines.