Even inside the hearts there’s a war being held, a mixture of feelings fighting each other, the one who takes over shall be rewarded with the body and its control.
Outsiders can change the destiny of a war; a strategy can determine who’s going to be the winner this time around.

If you spared me a few minutes of your time you’d know then. You’d get to meet all the participants and every single soldier of both armies. Usually the war-bearer can take one side and wish for it to win against the other one.

I often think of shuffling off the world. It seems easier to disappear and take my useless war with me to another dimension and have no outsiders inflict with the decisions made by both parties inside of me.

[I can’t.]

Everyday, I wish so hard that you’ll come help this side to win so we could both lay on the grass and watch the fireworks painting the starry sky whilst the trumpets resound announcing victory for all times.
So I wait for you at the end of the night. For you to neutralize both sides. For your presence. For your smile to linger in my deepest thoughts.
It is not about you leaving, it is all about the little green lights flashing preventing me from reaching both your hands and burying the words inside of me.

Help me win this time please…
Please, be the mastermind.
And above all; be my outsider.
Be mine.