Here I am, dreaming again of your face again, everything’s going slow motion, as I’m floating through the air.. Every breath fills my lungs with the pleasent feeling of your sense around… Like the grass waving through the environment, people swimming through the air like swans in spring time, like a grandma gazing through her grandson’s eyes making way into the deep labyrinth of the youngling’s mind.

I lean on towards to this total blue hue, everything turns related until I see you and you’re the absolute opposite of related, you shine like every single hue perceived for the human eye was bound inside the most beautiful thing, you…. The forecast predicted a 90% of lonelier days and as I wait fifteen nights for your second arrival, I succumb to my bed sheets, my only refuge which is not a refuge after all, as the typical safeness is always offset by the the thought of you not being here, laying next to me, telling me that you still like my lips as dry as they might of be. IT IS as brainstorming as it sounds.

My heart rate turns deafening as it speeds up endlessly to the beat of yours. Sometimes, when I fall asleep and dream of you, I wish so hard that I could be kept away from waking up, at least for a day, or if possible ‘till the next time our paths may cross for I to believe that I’m really with you, and if telepathy exists, may I tell you that you look beautiful in that red blouse that I love so much?

So here I am once again, shuffling on imagination, looking at the starry sky; shaping your face with every star until I manage to draw your coffee made & brown glassed eyes that I love so much, your light auburn menel, your sparkling pupils and your breath reproducing the whales’ singing under the sea.
I am, again, like you.
Like you are,
My lifeline dream.