How many things we live… They leave us shattered between darkened skies of other dimensions full of beautiful things we do, with a better tomorrow.

Finally here I am, since I last wrote you I’ve been wandering all the way through different places to keep my restless mind from mourning those who are dead that I used to love.
Do you sleep well at nights anymore?
I hell for sure don’t. There’s no making sense of it. Why do I keep spilling my sweat to mourn these who died? The nostalgic state of mind invades my mind with thoughts of precious memories that are long gone and will never come back. The ashes and debris of reckless old days slowly pile up just to prove I’m finally done.
So there I go again, with the airwaves carrying part of the load, shuffling off the world, wandering through the railroads in Ohio, waiting for a train to run me over, but everything stays the same, nothing ever changes; lost time and broken dreams, that’s the usual and unpredictable. Life’s so terrible.
Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.