If i could ever find you… Would it always be the same? All i know is im in love with a shadow in my mind i cant see, a bright light in heaven reflecting on the sea.

I listen all sort of songs that will transport me to better places and memories filled with bliss, and there’s always this constant agony that drowns my throat below my heart.

I miss you and i dont know you, where are you and why wont you show yourself? What defines this struggle against the wall and what would stop this heart race ive been participating? The night is passing by, Stars are now starting to fade, starting to grow old and i lead them in this parade to the horizon. That horizon that casts your silhouette like some form of devil.

I think i love you so much, i cant even get closer, it scares the hell out of me to know that you could reject me & thats the way i go back to my fifteens. When the world seemed simpler, when my dad was alive and fine. Im left feeling empty and meaningless with a never ending reflection of what my life should be. What i should be and what i want. In reality i truly desire you but i hate the fact that there are no facts, i dont know you, im pursuing a spectrum in the dark mirror that i cant seem to fit into factions and a voice.

Im here, falling down to my knees praying to all the gods to let me find you, my angel of the haunted nights, my dream, my illusion and my only one, my addiction.
Im the king of this flu im suffering and the way back home seems too narrow and cold, Im so harsh that i cant let myself risk any mistake.

please, dont.
please, i beg you to love me back.
i beg you (to run away with me. We could feel this way forever)

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