Time passes in a slow sundown and I think to me of all this madness and debris as I slowly loll my head stuck onto a sutured body I’ve mended. Brilliantly, it comes off sweet and charming reflecting lights all over the place. My eyes are perhaps as difficult as self introspection when looking at a mirror. The spiteful mistake of ruining one’s self-esteem. A grace novelty pours off up the clouds where everything was storms, chaos, and with a broken heart your sight ignores it, lets it walk away because deep inside you there’s no room for compassion. Potentially you’re a crippled and twisted piece of numbness.

Through the lush and undiscovered I kick away fragility for a moment and I notice this shining newness. It burns my eyes like a cigarette’s fireball although painless; thus leaving my mind shattered by my bloodstream. All I see I can’t believe. How does life come to take shape in the middle of a death scene? Certainly I don’t know. The only thing to do is accept, not resign but to accept the facts without the condolence of leaving pride by the emptiest corner in the room, alone to die.

Unwind my dearest dear, I grant thy the warmest welcoming in history. Find your peace, feel the light break through the clouds and fire up at distant towns because I’ll have come and gone with you. No more woe to you. Get held. Disrobe, please come to bed and only then the minions of the outer God shall summon the mist, the one to blind the whole planet for only you and me to see this interlude.

Nevertheless, a last home recording might be enough proof to default the string we share; like a failsafe to attach our sprawling precious lovingness into the end of times. One little seed in the mechanised glow of nature, kind of like a code against the gone, to replace them, perhaps? Or just to leave a piece of what once made us so greatly even.

The mist is fading, we’ve conquered a little victory, music is as paradise as your kisses to perfection. Don’t retreat, we’ll never go down to sorrow again because these are the things you can’t unlearn: The fall of math. The odds have laughed at missed calculations. Energy has been destroyed in front of Einstein’s eyes and God is laughing at humanity’s perspicacity.

This is a moment of stillness, the point of no return, a remaining light in a lifetime, and upon awakening, we’ve mended.