I can see it now
You don’t exist
This presence I’ve been feeling
Doesn’t belong to you
Because you, in my head,
Well, I imagined this perfect person
One with whom I could share a deep connection
The details weren’t exact
No, that doesn’t matter to me
My dreams were of someone who cared
Someone who loved
Someone I was comfortable around
With every moment seeming magical
And impossible
Because it is impossible
I can’t see that person for me
That would be too goddamn easy
Too goddamn perfect
But here I am waiting
Hoping, that one day you may come
When everything comes together
But it feels you’re not coming
Because you were not
I was alone
Holding tight to a dream
A dream of when I find happiness
Here I am alone
Nothing has been different
Nothing ever changes
Except the realization that
This is the way it will be
Dreams don’t come true
They make you look up
Just long enough to catch your gaze on a falling star
It crushes me
Because it is so clear now,
You don’t exist.