Memories of old come back to haunt, of friends and tales that are long gone. I remember this place as an area where I could come to have fun and just sit back, talk for hours with people I loved and never run out of conversation subjects. The best memory I’ll ever have of these times is talking with Sebb, Branden, Lacey, Jaclyn and Adam. Just all of us sitting with drinks and letting the art of conversation swift gently carry on to the air. It’s been such a long time since then, and I cannot dwell nowhere else for I have no money, but, as I sip the pessimism from my half-empty cup, sulking from the disappointment of another effortless day’s work,  I can’t help but feel it’s all done and there’s no turning back.

I can’t stop but feel bad for the people that are still hanging around for more than 10 years now. Don’t get me wrong though, I mean that these times have gone through a lot of changes and well, they’re hideous, horrible, disgusting. Not only within the looks of it but mostly the people. It’s filled up with people that only God almighty knows how they managed to get their kindergarten certificate.

So I don’t get how these people can still be around up to now (this is actually a compliment), most people from back then were so nice and even the bad ones had some sort of respect towards people, nowadays there is just no interaction between them, out of 100 people, maybe 10 of them have the ability to communicate better than a caveman from the ice age, and two of them are the only nice people that you’ll ever meet, and surprise! They’ve been here for a very long time already.

Anyway, as I see myself walking through the endless stream of memories, I keep coming back every now and then for the nostalgia of those old friends I met that are not around anymore, those that left me or that I left behind. I miss them, the old days with Frans, Änte, Andreas and Koffe, Miguel, the way we’d have fun was really like no other, lately I feel my life is going on a declivity when it comes to how much fun I’ve been having. So maybe I come here out of sadness, sadness of not having anyone with whom I can hang around and just laugh and smile. After 20 minutes of being here, I find it pretty depressing just hanging around at any place, it makes me feel crippled inside, this place is now rotten.

I walk from room to room, from sadness to endless serenity disrupting peacefully into my life switching happiness for good old days. It’s hard to conceive that after all this time I’ll always end up asking for one last chance to bring all of that back.