All I know is that I don’t live in the place everyone describes, I don’t live in the lands of freedom where one is allowed happiness. I have distinction in my heart and mind, a distinction of intelligence that is not rewarded with the pleasure of knowledge but suffered by it. The violence of thoughts can easily destroy one’s mind and make him seem crazy for the lack of communication skills to express all that is and isn’t. 

Life is such a funny word to hear when you know that that you know, laughter is unavoidable. Buildings, skyscrapers, the streets, the sidewalks, everything designed with a deeper purpose that not even your mother would understand if explained to.

All is lies and all is shit. Governments, religions, and celebrities, the regular everyday people. How would you feel if you knew the truth? How would you feel then if the world you live in didn’t exist? How would you feel then if you got off the teather, stopped the circus and left this fools parade to become a wise, intelligent person?

Like shit.