The best part of creation is a new day.

Every morning, a few months ago I’d wake up a few minutes before sunrise, prepare me a cup of coffee and go out to the deck and just sit there with the silence of morning and as the sun rose, the ocean breeze touching my skin, floating with the air flow. This little ritual takes my mind into places filled with joy. One moment I can be back with my father before he died from a heartache, the next moment I can be in bed with the love of my life on a cold winter night having chocolate and watching movies, and the next I can be back to my fifteens.

When I wake up from my imagination, I’m much more positive about everything that’s gonna happen during the day, either at work or at college. The feeling is so great, I take that opportunity to thank life for what it has given to me. I thank life for the good ol’ days and for all that is good in the present.