grinwich horrorAn entity, its real form, not revealed. It shapes its body into an emotional attached thought, gets into you, penetrates your deepest feelings, since the ancient times it’s been haunting the lesser men… It keeps its watch when the sun hides away into the horizon, when all light becomes nothing but a deep darkness in your close surroundings, when all is quiet, when it can make noises to make you lose sleep and make you frightened.

This is no fairy tale of monsters crawling from under the bed, this one has a mind (arguably), locks and knobs are useless. Don’t lower your guard for it can crawl during your sleep and lay beside you, poisoning your heart and mind, make your dreams living nightmares and the horror, oh the horror, it paralyzes your extremities, you’re useless against such reckless evil, and you can’t see it for it’s everywhere, it’s the wall, it’s the night stand, it’s inside you.

Called in the older days the Blind Idiot although popularly knownas the Big Old One, with multiple origin stories and yet, none of them can accurately tell from whence it came from, it’s often described as a tall and menacing entity with the ability to shroud itself in fire, darkness, and shadow. Others claim it’s the soul of a man that was seduced by evil beings who corrupted him to their service in the days of old. Stories are numerous, but one thing is certain, this lesser (although nonetheless powerful) daemon sultan will feast on whatever you carry with you.

Nonetheless, there are precautions to take, being awake and conscious doesn’t mean you’re free from its wrath, leaving you without bruises and unbattered. It spawns anywhere, hanging off the ceiling, starring at you with a horrific smile, and mind you, when it stares at you frowning, you will start to feel the life inside you hanging by a thread, being sucked from your chest ripping through yourbones and skin to seek refuge of the choking menace lying there, by the door, when all is dark and you’re voiceless.

Its behavior is extremely passive-aggressive. It stalks, follows and your torment will find no solace, once it spawns, it stays to forever haunt you until your very last day – – Firstly, the nights will be sleepless, thus severly damaging your social and professional abilities, soon enough your physical condition will reach your very one brain, memory loss and the inability to track long periods of time. You’ll lose everything, and some could consider the following the fun part: it will never stop until you give in, it will gnaw hungrily in inconceivable, unlighted manners beyond time and space against you, maddening, beating and drumming your inner thoughts with the thin monotonous whine of his eyes. Death awaits.


I am writing this under an appreciable mental strain, since by tonight I shall be no more.
May the merciful gods, if indeed there are such, watch over those hours when you be powerless and save you since that is not dead which can eternal lie,
and with strange aeons even death may die.