StarfallLiquid lights fall over me, drenches all of me, I’m not worthy of such empathy, what have I done to deserve it? – – They leave the sky burning, the sun comes upon as a liquid amber fury and it burns, it scorches my veins and eyes.
Dear sun: Why are you so angry?
And how do you know the anger I feel?
Where is this gentle warmth you used to give me as a present every morning? Please don’t burn me anymore.

The sun goes away to the horizon that belongs to him this time, the lady moon comes to try and comfort me in a cool embrace with the ocean breeze. Dear moon: Can you help me?
Can you save me?
Why do you calm my rages from afar?
How do you know what to say?

She tells me to hush, to sleep a dreamless sleep, rest and learn from the hurt, don’t let it hurt you, sleep, rest, forget and protect. — Nature has always reflected nature, while dead stars fall blazingly from the sky, in depths perhaps darker than space itself, more clandestine than the entire span of universe. A starfall is like watching a thousand miracles happen, falling stars like little tokens of liquid light for everyone of us, many wishes that they could fulfill. I guess I’m just trying to say that a falling star still falls down.